How to organise a house concert

CNV00006I’ve said this before on the page “How to organise a show at a venue“, but I’ll say it again! For a DIY musician like me in the internet age, the days of an agent organising me a tour and letting me sit back and “concentrate on the music” is well and truly over. What tends to happen now is that for me to come to your town and do a show, I need people on the ground to organise it. And that’s where YOU come in!

Why on EARTH should I organise YOU a show?

Putting on shows requires a large amount of energy and enthusiasm. But when it comes together on the night, the venue starts filling up and the conversation starts to flow, it is a real BUZZ to know you have been part of organising it. A gig are not just a way of bringing people together in a great environment. It can raise money for different cause, publicise future events and for politically-orientated audience it can bring people together in a unique and celebratory way – in other words, not just a meeting!

Ok, so what do I have to do?

Easy. Pick a date I’m free on. Invite your mates round your house by telling them all about it on Facebook/twitter/phone/word of mouth etc. Possibly organise some support acts to play too, perhaps getting a few people to do one or two songs/poems etc each in an “open mic” format. Get some donations in on the night so I can keep going. Erm…..that’s it!


House concerts are much easier to organise than gigs at ordinary venues, and can work out a lot better for musicians and promoters too. You could even do a cheeky bar, (I didn’t say that!) or get some food on the go. It is perfectly fine to advertise on social networks or by flyering, (you could use an email instead of your home address). It is also useful to sell tickets in advance. However, most people will turn up through word of mouth, because house concerts are still quite unusual and unique events. It is also not necessary to have any amplification, and if you can feed me and put me up as well that cuts out a lot of costs and hassle!

For many people, organising a house concert can seem a bit out of the box, but believe me they are great events to be part of and you can have an unforgettable evening as well as a right old laugh.

What do you reckon? Do you think you can pull it off? Then let’s do it!!! I’d love to hear from you soon! 


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