Spontaneous Antifa Party in Nis!

July 4, 2015 by cosmoakacitizensmith

Recently-created Antifa Nis Banner

Recently-created Antifa Nis Banner

Our last night in Serbia was crazy.

Vojkan from Kraljevo had hooked us up with some local Antifa folks down in Nis . It made sense for us to break ur journey there before heading to Bulgaria.

So we met this guy and a girl at the bus station and they took us to their gaff nearby.

Serbia is poor, make no mistake about it. Sometimes it can seem watching people as you travel that it’s almost as if their spirits are smashed. Then you meet some of the people we meet and it seems almost the opposite.

There is a party at one of the houses. One of the crew has passed an exam. We start drinking beer and get fed some delicious bean soup. After they hear we are musicians they interview us for their zine. Some of them discuss their anti-fascist activity which seems very similar to South Wales: small groups of far-right dickheads who chance their arm every now and then but need to be kept a lid on.

Bar starts playing some songs and the small room with about ten people in becomes a mosh pit. Some of the lads take their tops off! Johnny and I play too and there is much beer, laughter and singing.

Afterward we get taken to a flat and have to get up punishingly early for our bus at four thirty in the morning. Our host wakes up with us and takes us all the way there. Nice one!


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