Getting Cultural in Plovdiv

July 4, 2015 by cosmoakacitizensmith

Bar has left me and Johnny to it as he has had to go home. We travel a couple of hours down the road to Plovdiv, and Club Neshtoto. It is not so much a political space, but has kids’ and craft activities, workshops and gigs. It has the feel of a shop and there are home-made jams and stuff for sale. The video above show a bit more about the space and what goes on. And they have used a live version of “You’re Gonna Get Marmalised” from the show I did there!

We do a early evening gig for a handful of people and the our hosts show us around. Plovdiv is to be the European City of Culture in 2019 and they seem to be gearing up for it already. There are break dancers and musicians out on the streets, and all manner of entertainment. We take in amazing displays on fountains using different-coloured lighting in the dark. It feels like a much-needed day off. We also see a recently-excavated Roman amphitheatre and chariot track which had space for 30,000 people.

Our hosts take us back no wake us early to drive us to the bus station, about fifteen minutes away. They even made us sandwiches for the journey. We were shown such amazing hospitality. And to think that Bulgarians coming to Britain have to deal with the sharp end of our shitty tabloid press. Beggars belief!


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