Diesel and Bookshops: Ljubljana to Zagreb

June 26, 2015 by cosmoakacitizensmith

Bar live at Jalla Jalla, Ljubljana June 2015Here’s Bar knocking em dead at Jalla Jalla, a bar in the squatted former army barracks in the centre of Ljubljana, Slovenia! The people we are staying with are safe. They are studying some deep subjects such as Food Technology but they say there are few opportunities to work at the moment. One of the lads has passed his driving test and is making diesel in a storage area round the back of the venue. DiY anarchofuel! We also surreally bump into a guy fro Essex at the show who is in Slovenia looking at caves because of his interest in geology. Not something that happens everyday at your average anarcho-folk show!Anarchist Bookshop, ZagrebThe next night we stay in Zagreb with Marko and Suncica who help run the local anarchist bookshop. Marko is just back from Greece. He was testifying at the trial of an anarchist who was refusing military service. They used the court as a stage to put an anarchist anti-war position, based on Marko’s own experience as a conscientious objector and anti-war activist in the Croatian-Serbian war in the 90s. The Greek guy got ten months in the end but it was definitely worthwhile bringing these issues into the public domain in this way.

Marko is lit up about the anarchist movement in Greece at the moment. It appears to have slipped off the radar in the Anglosphere at the moment but there is still much to learn from what is happening out there.


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