Tour: Austria, Slovenia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Turkey

June 17, 2015 by cosmoakacitizensmith

eurotour2015 poster

You read it right, folks! Come Saturday I’ll be on the road with fellow shirkers James “Bar” Bowen and Johnny Campbell. We’ll be hitting south eastern Europe and Turkey like a 3-man party typhoon on a Gaviscon drip feed. You can check all the dates on my GIGS page. 

I’ll be blogging and putting up videos of interesting stuff we see. Some of you may remember I did a similar post when I went to some of the places we are visiting last year.

Turkey will be particularly interesting: they’ve just had an election, and the bad guy lost to a coalition of minorities, queers, feminists and others.  But to put us proper straight on a few things, I’ll also be reporting from the Kolektif 26a, an anarchist bookshop and social centre in Istanbul.

So stay tuned, folks. It’ll be an interesting ride….


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