Cosmo 1, Borders 0

August 14, 2014 by cosmoakacitizensmith

What a great tour! The best bit came at the end. I was in a queue at French passport control when a border guard pointed at my guitar and asked, “Is it a Kalashnikov?” “No,” I explained, “it’s a guitar.” “Play it!” he ordered. “It’ll cost you,” I said. “Play it or you won’t ever go back to Wales!” So I got the guitar out and sang Oi Mush to him and all the bored people in the queue for passports. They all cracked up, except the border guard who clearly didn’t understand the words, and we got our revenge for having to wait so long in the queue. Cosmo 1, Borders 0. Many thanks to all who organised shows in NL, who came out, hung out, put me up and fed me. What larks!


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