My Palestine blog available in hard copy: only £3.50 incl. p&p


February 3, 2014 by cosmoakacitizensmith

coverSome of you have asked if the travelogue I wrote in Palestine is available in hard copy. Well, it is now. You can pre-order it here. It documents the two weeks I was out in the West Bank working with the International Solidarity Movement, (ISM). I helped support the olive harvest there, and was as an observer on demonstrations with other activists from south Wales. I also managed to get some gigs and street performances in as well. You can read it in electronic for if you scroll down this blog.

The hard copy is 32 pages of A5 and has black-and-white and colour photos. Many thanks to all of you who have pointed out typos, bad grammar and the odd factoid fail. I feel a bit embarrassed, being an English teacher in all, but I was rattling out the posts so quickly and I was in a warzone that my editing faculties deserted me at times!

It will be useful for people who are thinking of going out to the West Bank for the first time. You can get an idea of what day-to-day life is like as a volunteer, and catch a glimpse of what life is like for Palestinians under occupation in the West Bank. There is some background to the current situation, but it is necessarily brief as the emphasis is more on people’s daily experience. The views in it are entirely my own.

If you want to buy a bulk order, or you want sale-or-return for a radical bookshop for example, drop me a line and we can work something out. 

Once I have recovered expenses for this booklet, I intend to donate profits to raising funds for people who wish to go out to Palestine via Swansea-Palestine Link. The book is £3.50 including p&p and as always you can pay more if you wish! Many thanks 🙂



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