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October 7, 2013 by cosmoakacitizensmith


I’m sure it’s a familiar story to every musician: you turn up to a really sketchy boozer, the promoter can’t remember who you are or what’s going on, the audience is your proverbial two men and a dog, you end up paying out £££ you can ill afford and feel like a prize plonker for travelling all that way. Maybe it’s something that you can laugh off once or twice, but gotta be honest, it still happens to me even now. Or some variant of the above story, anyway. “What’s the flimmin’ point??!!” is definitely a question that comes up in my head rather more than it should!

So to celebrate 20 plus years of lo/no budget rock ‘n’ roll, or at least something resembling that, I teamed up with the Red and Black Umbrella squat collective here in Cardiff, Lucie who has made a lot of my vids in the past and Dee Murphy who works for Undercurrents. Between us and the goodwill of a whole load of other folk, we put together a zombie video for my latest single release. How else to celebrate my membership of the undead of the showbiz world?

The shout out for the event on Facebook proved very popular, and I wasn’t sure what to expect. Not the living dead, that’s for sure! People started coming in and sorting out their make-up and the vibe was great. After several stresses with whether there would be enough leccy etc, everything went according to plan. Well, it would have done if we’d had a plan, but that’s what gave it the edge, shall we say! After a bit of filming outside, with Molly Toff Cocktail acting as the arsey landlady, and some filming in the live room, the mass of zombies that had assembled in the front bar got to blunder in as a zombie band mimed to the track. Faaaaakin’ ‘ell, it WAS the living dead! Bee, Aliyx, Dom and the make up crew had done such a fantastic job, and the the costumes were just awesome. I honestly felt like we had been invaded by the living dead. I think some folk definitely got far more into character than I had been expecting! Many thanks to all involved.

We got some great footage, and a great night was had. The next day after several mishaps, Dee and I managed to get to the editing suite in Swansea but had all sorts of technical gremlins. This means we’re waiting for some technical back up to arrive on Wednesday, and the vide will be out after the weekend at the latest. Which i a bit later than we thought but has taken the pressure off so all good.


The album it is on gets released at the end of this month. You can preorder it by following the link here:

For those of you wanting a load of acoustic political rants, this aint that. You’ll have to wait for the next one for that. I bought a midi keyboard just before Christmas last year and have been messing about with it ever since. So you’ve got beats, midi and songs about life, love, death, relationships, drug usage and abusage, sexual deviants, transsexual hardnuts and a host of characters. These have been illustrated and put into a graphic novel-style poster by mysterious Cardiff street artist Lembo. I’ll be drip feeding some of the results over the next couple of weeks, as well as spamming out the video when it’s done. Lucky you lot!

I’ve also got some very exciting news coming in the next week or so, so watch this space 😉


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