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March 12, 2012 by cosmoakacitizensmith

Regular readers will be aware of this album – and now it’s all go! The book and CD is just about done for the printers! There will be a t-shirt! And a badge! You can really help me out by pre-ordering here: Many thanks!

There is going to be a launch party at the City Arms, Cardiff on Wednesday 28th March 2012 starting at 8pm. It’s free in! The Facebook event for it is here (CLICK!) There are festie dates going up all the time. I’m planning on a few key gigs in June and then a US tour in the summer. The autumn and winter will see a full-on UK and Europe tour. See you on the road!

And here is the press release:

After years of criss-crossing the country on tour, folk-punk-hiphop geezer Cosmo has a wake up call after he wakes up at a festival covered in sick. It’s summer 2010, the Tories have got into bed with the LibDems and begun a vicious attack on ordinary people’s living standards. The question is: how to fight back? Armed with a guitar and a load of attitude, Cosmo takes off on the road again, playing at protests, picket lines, parties and street corners, seeing how ordinary people start to wake up and resist.

On the way, he manages to get a gig at a LibDem post-conference shindig, start flamewars with BBC Radio DJ Adam Walton and make an accidental appearance in a Daily Mail photo-shoot. He encounters undercover cops, plays at a royal wedding boat party and manages to get his antifascist anthem F@ck the BNP into the Amazon charts – ahead of some Simon and Garfunkel tunes, (much to his mum’s delight!).

In addition, he writes and records songs and keeps a diary of his travels, putting them up online to freely download and share. Starting with localised demos, his account twists and turns into the global uprising that becomes known as Occupy.The resultant furore is a musical rollercoster of an album, taking in folk, punk, music hall, hip-hop, bluegrass, Monty Python and even the new genre of country protest! Lyrically the songs range from historical struggles such as the Music Hall War of 1907, to the hilarious send-up of the far-right English Defence League – and much more.

And you thought protest music was dead? Think again! It’s alive and kicking, genre-defying, hungover and pissed off! Picket Line Party is free-to-download, but is also available as a digipak CD, plus this book complete with lyrics, chords, blog entries, photos etc. Oh, and a t-shirt, too. Who says filesharing harms music sales? (Adam Walton does, and Cosmo has bet him that if he sells out of his initial run by the end of June, Mr. Walton will have to eat his words!) /

“George Formby-style rants against the far-right and other musical hectoring!” Guardian

“Workfare is appalling but not as bad as that bloke singing over there.” Some bloke at an anti-workfare demo outside Tescos listening to Cosmo


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