Morecambe Bay (The Cockle Pickin’ Song)

January 20, 2012 by cosmoakacitizensmith

Oh, you think you’re pretty hard
Cos you’ve just finished college
An old school tie to speed you on your way
Well that’s not gonna help you
Cos this is where you’re going
Cockle picking in Morecambe Bay

Well our story starts in China
Where you can’t feed your family
The people traffickers lend you a hand
Six months in a lorry
Then you end up in Dover
Where natives tell you “F@CK off out this land!!”

My my, hey, hey
Cockle picking in Morecambe Bay

Oh, in the North of England
It’s three to a small bedroom
The landlord takes what’s left of all your cash
Then it’s down the agency
With dodgy ID
Where you’ve really got to try and make a splash

No minimum wage here
You really must be joking
Welcome to the black economy
And on your factory shift
They’ll grudge you a piss
Then you hear of this opportunity

My my, hey, hey
Cockle picking in Morecambe Bay

Well on 5th February 2004
A load of cockle pickers lost their lives
21 people all the way from China
May be gone but guess what still survives?
The migrant labour story
Is really not that funny
Unless you cream it in from off the top
And policies that pit
Worker against worker
Tell me, when we gonna make it stop?

My my, hey, hey
Cockle picking in Morecambe Bay


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