What’s in the Way?

November 10, 2011 by cosmoakacitizensmith

No matter what wonderful political set up you want, we haven’t got around the fact that we need a bunch of hard bastards to make sure enemies don’t come by and stove our heads in. (Anarchists please note: the militias in the Spanish Civil War gave as good as they got).

I wrote this seeing a sort of collateral damage in working class communities I played gigs in, where communities had to pull together to deal with their mates who had come back from serving in the forces and weren’t quite how they remembered them when they left.

At Occupy Oakland in the US, the media made a massive deal of the fact that an Iraqi veteran got seriously injured by cops during  demo. Whether it would have been as big a deal if ut hadn’t been a vet, I don’t know. But there seems to be more of a culture in America activist groups working with veterans. In the UK people seem a bit more sqeamish about stuff like this. I feel this may change, though.

I think I kind of bottled this song in some ways.

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What’s in the Way?


Johnny boy came marching home today

Six months since he’d been marched away

Nine months gone since they’d tied the knot

Here comes a feeling which she’d almost forgot

Last night’s gig buzzing in her ears

All those demons drowned in all those beers

And his anger is a primal force

But his tears come hard and fast, of course

And she says:


Come back to me

Can you hear me calling

Over the sea?

You’re miles away, you’re hear in my arms

What’s in the way?

Come on home I’ll be here waiting 

With open arms, loving not hating

Your miles away, you’re here in my heart

What’s in the way?


And he offs it to the pub at nigh

Cracking on with everyone in sight

Oh we all smile, no-one gets too near

When the fues blows better stand right dclear

And we all know what’s made him that way

And no matter what we do or say

desert sun and all those lives destroyed

Just won’t let us in to fill that void


Come back to me..


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