The Butcher’s Apron: I aint wearin’ no goddam poppy, fool!


November 10, 2011 by cosmoakacitizensmith

It’s nearly November 11th – Remembrance Sunday – and British people just LUUUUURVE wearing poppies to commemorate their war dead!

You can usually tell when the build up to this is happening.  The gutter press and Facebook rumours start: “Muslims find poppies offensive/are burning poppies/are desecrating war memorials!!!” (This is all deliberately vastly overhyped or just plain bullshit).

Then some big company/institution refuses to let employees wear poppies, or to let the Royal British legion to sell poppies on their premises, (ditto).

Next, all the presenters on all the TV networks vie for who can be the first to wear a poppy on air and show just how PATRIOTIC and BRITISH they are! Tally ho!

This year, FIFA presented indulgees of this annual moron-a-thon with a boon by refusing to let the England football team wear poppies on their shirts in a friendly with Spain. Prince William and David Cameron led the charge and they eventually relented, however. But this didn’t stop nationalist yobbo chancers the English Defence League getting in on the act (quelle surprise!) and protesting at the FIFA headquarters in Geneva.

What can you do when faced with all this?

Antifascism or defending the NHS from privatisation is a great memorial to the legacy of the World War 2 generation. The struggle for a classless society is a reminder how tragic it was that millions of ordinary people died in World War 1 which was essentially a Royal family feud – Queen Victoria, Tsar Nicholas and Kaiser Wilhem were all cousins, ffs!!! Antimilitarism reminds us how it is unacceptable that working people, women and children suffer the most at war, and in this country have to pay for the privilege through charities such as Help The Heroes. Not to mention the Royal British Legion. Glorious it aint. I could mention people that campaign against the arms trade. But that’s enough for now. Let’s just say I find the poppy thing all a bit confusing. Oh, my people, my people!

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The Butcher’s Apron


In 1606 King James himself decreed it

In 1707 it came to symbolise the land

In 1801 St Patrick joined the party

Here’s the Union Jack they said and thrust it in my hand.


A pirate you shall be son and sail the seas of plenty

Rob another’s plunder and submit it to the Crown

Hoist this lofty standard on high where’er you conquer

The sun shall never set on it, it’s glory shall abound



“But haste now to the flagpole, take down the Butcher’s Apron!”

The screams of slaves and subjects cried when this deed was done

“Haste now to the flagpole, take down the Butcher’s Apron!”

But freedom’s flag stayed flying thanks to this, my smoking gun


Rum was my cold comfort as I sailed the Middle Passage

Taking sons of Africa to new plantation homes

Maroons were getting restless but my cutlass showed no mercy

I saw my standard flew on high wherever I did roam


Chorus repeat


Keep the trade routes open, my paymasters insisted

I scrambled for continents and beat opponents down

The mutiny of sepoys, all native aspiration

Ruthlessly I crushed and kept my flag deep in the ground


Chorus repeat


The winds of change were blowing once I broke the fascist menace

Still I was in service to my flag and to the Crown

From Suez to the Falklands to blasting on the Bogside

To Middle Eastern debacles I firmly stood my ground


Chorus repeat


Now on my debarkation, my body it is broken

My head is full of demons and my standard is but rags

I’ve no share in my thievery but want none from you hoarders

Just the burning urge to fight you and the fools that fight for flags


“Haste now to the flagpole, take down the Butcher’s Apron!”

Your spell has no more hold on me, your race is surely run

“Haste now to the flagpole, take down the Butcher’s Apron!”

No more will I hide behind a standard and a gun


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