Picket Line Party track 6 – Who’s Gonna Take The Rap?

June 7, 2011 by cosmoakacitizensmith

Jean Charles De Menezes. Ian Tomlinson. Blair Peach….

It’s a strange thing that the very institution that’s supposed to uphold the law in Britain, the police force, appears to exist in its own lawless vacuum. The three people named above were innocents who died at their hands: the first during a botched counter terrorism operation, and the others during political demonstrations. To date, not one cop has been convicted of causing their deaths.

There are others I could mention – Sean RiggRicky Bishop and Smiley Culture for example – but those incidents above touched me in a direct way. Blair Peach was killed in 1979 at a demo against the fascist National Front. I was a kid at the time but his name has had a haunting ring to it since then, as it was the first one for me ever to be linked to this kind of police brutality. 10, 000 people attended his funeral.

John Charles De Menezes, a Brazilian electrician, was shot in Stockwell in South London in 2005. He was thought to be a suicide bomber. A mate of mine over from Brazil ended up working as a translator for his family, while others I knew were involved in the campaign to get him justice.

I was gigging the night of Ian Tomlinson was killed during the G20 protests in 2009. He wasn’t even protesting. Someone grabbed the mic from me halfway through and announced his death, sending a shockwave of confusion and emotion through the crowd. The cops told his family it was protesters who were responsible. This turned out to be bullshit. I met Ian Tomlinson’s family later on at a benefit gig for their campaign for justice. Recently it was announced that the officer who had hit him would face manslaughter charges. Progress at last. But almost immediately afterwards, the Met said their actions in dragging disabled protester Jody Mcintyre from his wheelchair at the tuition fees protests last year were “for his own safety”. WTF?! That case, although not directly related, goes to show that there’s one law for them, one law for the rest of us.

I don’t really know what else to say. I think this song pushes the anger button more than any other I’ve written. Sorry, no humour to force down the pill this time.

Who’s Gonna Take The Rap?

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Machiavelli said to Mephistopheles one day

Did you hear the one here about the cop that got away?

Took a life for free while it all went off in the city

Sat at home on full pay and his future’s looking pretty


Jean Charles De Menezes, Ian Tomlinson, Blair Peach

Their killers rest in places where the law will never reach

But here comes justice fighting on its feet

Who’s gonna take the rap?

Who’s gonna take the rap?

Won’t someone tell me, please

I’m sick of hearing all this crap


Mephistopheles said, “Mate, you couldn’t make this up.

Got to hand it to ‘em they deserve to win the cup.

The boys in blue don’t need us and our black arts to survive!”

Machiavelli gave a smile and both of them high-fived

(Repeat Chorus)

The rocky road is beckoning and those that hear the call

Face the wrath of silence and it’s deadly, deafening wall

It may take a lifetime, but it’s taken lives already

Keep on course for justice, solidarity, hold steady.

(Repeat Chorus)

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