F@ck the BNP single release as summer tour onslaught starts!

May 3, 2011 by cosmoakacitizensmith

It started  with a bleary eyed journey across the country to Cambridge.

One near death experience later, I played at:

*a f@ck the royal wedding radio show,

*a f@ck the royal wedding gig on a barge on the river Cam in front of a boozer,

*a jam at a f@ck the royal wedding party,  an anticuts demo (at the beginning and the end!),

*a f@ck the royal wedding poetry slam,

*and finally a slot at an indie gig….then back to Cardiff to chase BNP-Fuhrer Nick Griffin around as he tried to canvass for the Welsh Assembly elections. Thirty of us turned up to do this – not bad for a last minute text around, (see below)! There was also an excellent Food not Bombs action in Cardiff that morning. Phew!

(They seem to be doing an awful lot of f@cking in Cambridge, mind. Marvellous!)

It’s good to be back on the road.

It was a major buzz doing all this and getting away with it. So many other anarchists got nicked that weekend, despite the fact the Guardian says we’re alright, really…..Solidarity to those arrested. Some of them were taken from their beds the day of the wedding for planning to do street theatre!

I’m releasing F@ck the BNP this week (1st – 7th May). It’s already number 83 in Amazon. Let’s see if we can get it a bit higher! Click HERE to purchase. Thanks to Edmund and Rebel Arts radio for the photos.



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