Oh! To Be In England (Now the EDL’s in Town)

January 29, 2011 by cosmoakacitizensmith

A George Formby-style rant about the UK-based far right street army! Check out the video!

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Oh! To Be In England (Now The EDL’s In Town) by CosmoInnit

Oh to be in England now the EDL is here

That’s the English Defence League

And they drink lots of beer

They sit in Yates’ wine bar

A bunch of big, fat slobs

And then they go a-marching

Pretending their not yobs

They don’t like Muslim extremists

Oh by George it’s true

Well good on you boys and girls there’s not that many do

They fly the flag and sing “God Save the Queen”

It’s such a wheeze!

Hey you lot kicking off there, can you stop seig heiling, please?

Oh to be in England now the EDL’s in town

I’d rather pick my granddad’s nose and eat sick by the pound

There are some black people

Who’ve joined their happy throng

So if you say they’re racist

The EDL say, “Wrong!”

Black and white unite they say,

Diversity is brill

Walk arm in arm with Nazis

It’s such a jolly thrill

Years ago in days gone by when England ruled the waves

We buggered up a quarter of the world and made them slaves

Just what was the secret? It’s called divide and rule!

When they’ve finished with the Muslims then they’ll start on YOU! And YOU! And as for YOU!!!!

Oh to be in England now the EDL is here

I’d rather be sick through my eyes and drink some rancid beer

Follow the money and you’ll find Alan Lake

The far right pull the purse strings and England starts to quake

But it’s the same old story

We’re all being sold a line

Do the bossman’s bidding and the sun will start to shine


What a load of bollocks.

This far right street army would have us out protesting against “radical Islam” (whatever that means) as it were the biggest problem we face. While homegrown terrorism in the name of Islam is no doubt a serious issue, you will have to forgive me for believing that the bunch of billionaire, gunrunning, tax evading rip off merchants who are running this country and bleeding it dry are the biggest clear and present danger. They’ve set up a bogeyman, and unfortunately some feeble-minded folk are falling for the bait. United we stand, divided we fall. And all that.

I’ve had an awful lot of fun with the cyber antifash crew posting the video on the EDL’s many Facebook pages and generally winding them up. However, there have been instances where the EDL have responded to people who try to argue against them or take the mick out of them with threats of violence and intimidation. One guy who posted a blog entry slagging them off even had his mother threatened. And generally they will target critics who they feel “bigger” than: single mums, elderly people, youth etc. For all we may laugh at them, the EDL are a violent, bullying bunch of social inadequates.

When I did the video for “F@ck the BNP,” the Facebook page for it got clogged up with racist abuse. These people can’t laugh at themselves, and yet feel Muslims should not get offended by pictures of Mohammed.

Big up to all you cyber antifascists, and indeed all antifascists everywhere. The whole point of releasing this song and doing the video is to let the Far Right know we’re not going to be intimidated.


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