Billy Bragg signs a Cosmo CD….


July 22, 2010 by cosmoakacitizensmith

It’s true, folks. The bidding for this unique pop culture event will take the form of a Five Year Plan, (obviously). Bids will start at 0.0003 pence, with a maximum bid of 0.0005 pence, to be placed over a period of no longer than 5 years. Penalties for doing anything else will be punishable by the Gulag.


The Party, (by Order)

Vie la revolution!!!


One thought on “Billy Bragg signs a Cosmo CD….

  1. […] Hopefully see you next year. This was indeed the festival where Billy Bragg signed my CD, (see previous entry). Here’s a photo from an impromptu gig I did at the boozer after. Big shaht aht to Rob […]

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