Franco’s Ghost gets wrapped up in a St George’s Cross So I Eff Off on Tour to Get Away From It All…..

June 21, 2010 by cosmoakacitizensmith

Ok my lovelies? The summer gig dates dates are up on my Myspace site.

There are still a few details to be worked. But basically, despite a bit of a wobble earlier this month where I didn’t think I’d be playing anywhere at all, I’ve ended up with quite a full calendar of bookings.

Thanks to all of you who have rallied round and got me in to places at the last minute, particularly Sarah from the People’s Front Room. Nice 1!

In the meantime, the rather nasty English/Welsh Defence league bowled into Cardiff earlier this month. Who are they? Basically, a Far Right street army who under the auspices of fighting Muslim extremism actually target all Muslims, sieg heiling away in the process.

Well, they’re not like us, these Muslims,ย  see?

They have left a trail of destruction around various English cities, but the few time they’ve tried to come to Wales they’ve ended up looking like dickheads. Despite their rhetoric about having black and Asian members, the EDL/WDL are run by fascist handlers. When they’ve finished with the Muslims, then they’ll start on you!!

This whole venture into South Wales was no different to their other Welsh follies, and they only managed to field 40 of their members. Most of them were English, and there was bickering between them and the local crews, not to mention the whole Cardiff/Swansea beef that resulted in a separate Swansea demo – attended by 7 people!

I dunno, man. If you’re going to walk around Cardiff with St George’s Crosses on a match day, it doesn’t really matter what your politics are ๐Ÿ˜‰

There are some good round ups of what happened on the day already out there, so I’m not going to add to them. Just to say, though, that there was a whole heap of misinformation put out about the demo by the cops and the local media, and as a result, the fascists got to march through parts of central Cardiff. This happened at a point when many anti-fascists thought the EDL/WDL were being corralled off to the train station.

I even saw one cop holding an EDL placard as she was escorting some of the boneheads back to their vans! Oh, for a camera….

It seems that the Defence League phenomenon is an English thing, as attempts to push it in Wales and Scotland haven’t really worked. Why is this? My own feeling is that Welsh and Scottish nationalism in its mainstream form is left of centre and “progressive.” The whole recent rise of English nationalism is a different beast.

When I lived in England, it seemed that English people had no idea that there was a difference between “England and “Britain.” This used to wind the daylights out of my (Scottish) mum!

Now with the whole devolution for other parts of the UK, together with a more visible immigrant community, it seems that English people have woken up to themselves as “different.”

But we’re not seeing an equivalent of the civic nationalism of Plaid Cymru in Wales or the SNP is Scotland. The groups who are making the most of this are racist morons like the English Democrats, the BNP and the EDL itself.

But hey, we’re anarchists and we all know nationalism is crap. whatever form it takes! Nevertheless, with the Labour party going ever further away from its roots, the political left in disarray and the ConDem Coalition pushing for unprecendented cuts, it is truly alarming that this kind of politics has taken hold of the English working class.

Indeed, the whole breakdown of class-based politics is not going to help anyone, whatever your political persuasion. The entrenchment of class privilege and the cuts that we will see on the most vulnerable sections of our society from our government will need a response.

It remains to be seen whether this will be something like this –ย  or the bootboys of the EDL. There’s no room to be complacent wherever we are, so watch this space for some musical anti-fascist mayhem later this summer ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anyway, enough ranting! I’m off to Glastonbury to take loads of crack cocaine and engage in orgies with animals and underage groupies. Oh, and watch the World Cup.

Go back to sleep, Britain!!!

PS check out this new wesbite, a broad left round up from the radical blogshere in Wales. Hopefully I’ll be contributing soon myself.


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