Anti-election road trip…

May 2, 2010 by cosmoakacitizensmith

I’ve decided to vote. My principles and ideals disintegrate at the thought that the tories may get in. Dip me in listerine and throw me to the Establishment.

In the meantime, the real action is on the street level. Love Music Hate Racism is the gig wing of Unite Against Fascism. The murky world of anti-fascism can be complete People’s Front of Judea territory. Play a benefit for one organisation and watch the eyes of the others turn up you with contempt.

So recently I thought I aint fighting anti-fascists, I’m fighting fascists. I’ll work with individuals I can work with, even if the umbrella group we’re working under has an agenda I don’t subscribe to 100%. (I feel that about all of them, btw).

And anyway, Johnny, Jill and Pete are sound as fuck, and right on it, so when say said come over to Cambridge to do a Love Music Hate Racism show in Cambridge, I thought why the f@ck not?

I packed the car up. That’s right, I’m using a car now. My mate Flora McKay is helping me out with transport, merchandise and is doubling up on some gigs with me this summer.

Johnny, Jill and Pete had been putting on a whole pub crawl’s worth of shows that had been going on all week. By the time we got there on the Friday they were frazzled but right up for it. We had a great night in the Bun Shop in town.

The whole week had panned out in quite an interesting way. The Levellers gig had managed to raise the grand total of….£1.88!! Like I say, the real action is on a grassroots level. The other shows raised good vibes, cash morale all around the city. The only downer was a geezer in an EDL t-shirt who turned up at a meeting…and then legged it!

Tomorrow we’re off to Reading to play at the Mayday rally. Just heard that the cops have banned music from the event, so it’s already turned into an “illegal” demo. Flora wrote an adaptation of “Banned from the Roxy” (“Banned from the Mayday”) within about 10 minutes of hearing the news.I wish I could work that fast! We’re off down there to support. Will keep you posted…

Whoever gets in on Thursday, all of us, dear readers, will have a lot more work to do!


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