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April 6, 2010 by cosmoakacitizensmith

Here there and everywhere…the road opens up like a yawning chasm and who know where it leads.

Oxford was a mass of busking, shows, boozing and random political chats. I got to the venue and no-one knew anything about the festival or my performance there, so I hit the streets and got chatting to some buskers. This was late Saturday. Then who should I run into but Le Navet Bete, (French for “the stupid turnip”), a physical theatre company from Exeter who I’d run into at events like this in the past. These guys are seriously wicked.

The ensuing slaughter involved stupid amounts of Cheddar Valley cider. It’s orange. It is possibly radioactive too. See below. I got quite a good review as well – I particularly like the bit about the “unfortunately small audience”!!!!

There followed chats with random people about the virtues of joining the British Army in order to spread freedom and our way of life, the new world order and freemasonary and Jewish power over the globe, vigilante squads in Rossport in Ireland beating up eco warriors and erm…feminism. Thanks to Louise for the last one and for putting me up! It was a relief after hearing all the rest of it!

Back to Cardiff for a pitstop with ska punk nutters Need To No, who were awesome, Clayton Blizzard , who was awsome, and new girl on the scene Flora McKay, who was awesome. This was a great night and a fair few of the punksters were toing and froing between our night and a gig by the The Lawrence Arms. Nice 1 folks! Watch out for Flora, I’m doing some more shows with her this year.

OK I’ll shut up now. Just to say I’m holed up in a secret, coastal location making a video, (no it aint F@ck the BNP). Watch this space, it’ll be propah!

Here’s the Oxford Fringe review:

Freedom for Tooting!!!

Cosmo jumps into the spotlight armed with his guitar and harmonica, kick-starting a bold and fiery performance. He sports a vibrant Technicolor two-piece suit true to his in-your-face style. His revue features both catchy up-beat tunes and a few softer ones, captivating the unfortunately small audience with its high energy levels at all times, getting people clapping and waving hands in the air. His fast fingers and quick lips delighted the audience with songs in traditional folk style, hip-hop style ‘beat-boxing’ and a even a parody of the Gilbert and Sullivan musical touching on a range of subjects Cosmo feels passionately about including numbers inspired by Orwell’s 1984, racist coppers and forward political messages. His fun anecdotes about gigs in Edinburgh and New York in between the numbers complete the crazy ruthless humour that is Freedom for Tooting.

Don’t miss the last performance on Monday 29 March at 10pm at the Copa Upstairs.

Review by Scott Newman


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