Anyone want to be in the new video for F@ck The BNP??!!

March 14, 2010 by cosmoakacitizensmith

Ok, time to start the ball rolling again with the new single. It’s going to be F@ck The BNP, it will be out on my label Peverse Pop and it’s going to have a video directed by Lucie, who did Oi Mush. Whoop!

The video is all about the strange habits BNP Furher Nick Griffin has when he thinks no-one is watching. I’ll say no more….

Over the next few weeks we’ll be filming, and there will be plenty of opportunity for anyone who wants to to get down and join in the fun. Oi Mush was a great laugh to do, and we’re hoping to continue that tradition with F@ck The BNP. Watch this space!

Lucie and I went down to Netty’s legendary shop at the weekend with a view to sorting out the costumes, but inevitably found ourselves with Orangeboom poisoning and suffering from far too much fun.

I guess we’ll sort the costumes out tomorrow……


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