A Hung Parliament – now there’s a thought!

March 5, 2010 by cosmoakacitizensmith

Today I woke up in my fetid pit of slime and filth, lifted up the CD with the charlie on it to my nose and had a deep, delicious sniff. After I had my way with the underaged groupie in my bed, I took a slug of bourbon from the bottle till in my hand and went for a massive shit.

Belch. Life in Britain. Fantastic.

Ok, maybe I’m f@cking with you but in the political and social maze we’re in, who gives a shyte about ethics, morality or upright behaviour?

The UK press are wanking on about a hung parliament after the election. Well whoopie gee, about time. Perhaps we could send Esther Ranzen to suicide bomb the place. Best bit of public service she would ever do. Sorry, but it seems to be that our leaders are trying to motivate us into voting, so whoever their puppet government is can have some inkling of legitimacy.

Stick is up your hummous and pitta, mate.

Oh come on Cosmo, stop being so cynical! Think about doing something positive!! Well I suppose anarchists are supposed to hasten the glorious hour of the revolution. And I’ve actually thought of the best way to do this: vote for Dave Cameron and the Tories. That would get people really pissed off.



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