Joss Stone’s born again Step Dad refuses me a gig cos I dissed the Lord in song!!!!

February 15, 2010 by cosmoakacitizensmith

West Country soul diva Joss Stone’s mum owns the venue Mamma Stone’s in Exeter. A mate of mine knows the family, and passed a copy of my album Citizen Smith onto them, with a view to me getting a show there. Unfortunately Joss Stone’s stepdad is a born-again Christian and took exception to the track Tarry No More by the Cross, which I guess is a swipe at certain aspects of the religion, and so I couldn’t perform there.

Personally I wasn’t too bothered that I hadn’t got the gig. I was simply delighted that someone had bothered listening to the words of one of my songs, and had actually had some kind of reaction to it! Nice one! I’m well chuffed!

Here’s the offending track, which I guess should be subtitled “the sound of free speech” or something….???
11 Tarry No More By The Cross by CosmoInnit


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