Promise I’ll stop going on about Oi Mush now..but it reached number two not 44!! (stats correction ahoy!)

September 22, 2009 by cosmoakacitizensmith

Ok folks, due to a mad amount of booze, I incorrectly reported some chart positions. Here are the corrections:

* Oi Mush reached number two in Amazon’s folk download chart. Wooo!!!
*It reached number one and number 44 on Cosmo Frazer’s Amazon chart, not the Reggae and overall download chart as previously reported.

Apologies, lots of confusion due to being a techno illiterate….Many thanks to Reuben Yeah for pointing this out!!

I’ll shut up about it now, promise…. I’ve got a gig in London this Saturday but it’s pricey. Here’s the link to the theatre’s webpage, and here’s a link to the Facebook event page.



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