So long Edinburgh…for now!!

August 23, 2009 by cosmoakacitizensmith


Ok, so back I am in Cardiff, chillaxing in the new pad in Canton, no less! Thanks to all of you who came to see the Edinburgh shows from all round the country – it really meant a lot to see you all there. Also a big thanks to Ralph, Nora, David, Lottie and all the crew at the Ark for bearing with my crap jokes 10 nights in a row. That’s love, man….

There was a right old Brighton circa early 90s reunion as the shows progressed – hello Matt, Gav and Corrie! It’s good to see we’re all as incorrigible as ever!!

And thanks of course to all the crew at Sweet Entertainments for getting me on their roster, filling me full of beer and letting me terrorize their open mic evening night after night….

The photo is of my new best friend Carlyn Castiglia. She is from New York and was doing a stand up show at the Fringe. We bumped into each other when I was busking on the street and teamed up to promote our shows. It was hilarious – I’d beatbox and get loops going on the sampler and she’d freestyle at all the passers by. Then we’d swap over, each handing out the other’s flyers as we went.

At one point she got a guy out from the crowd and they started battling each other. The content got quite – how shall I say? – adult orientated, which of course is a no-no for the orange-jacketed dudes who were on the Royal Mile making sure we behaved ourselves. Needless to say we got into trouble, but we toned down the act the next day.

Hence the photo. Carlyn had worked out some more family-orientated lyrics!

There are two ladies who I met at the Camp for Climate Action who I persuaded after hearing their pisstake popsongs rewitten on protest themes to get a band together. They agreed, and we decided to team up for a show in Edinburgh later this year. Watch this space!

A couple of tips. There were two shows at the Fringe I went to which really stood out. One was Miles and Coltrane: Blue, collectively written by Concrete Generation from Charlotte, N. Carolina. It’s a jazz play, spoken and acted over a live band.

I was fortunate enough to be staying with them and we did some open mics together. They did some slam poetry which took the roof off – well worth a look.

My fave show was called Shut up, Play! by the Original Tempo fom Osaka, Japan. There is no language in their performance, only visual gags and mad musical journeys. At one point they sample the audience and make a techno track out of the recordings. The characters all wear yellow raincoats, they argue, squabble, much noodles and make music using alarm clocks, hoovers and cardboard boxes. Tickled me, they did!


Ok folks, so blah blah blah…onwards and upwards and all that. Next step is to get Oi Mush into the charts!!! So..between the 13th and 20th September, as many of you as possible have to download it from Itunes, Amazon, wherever!!

Further instructions to follow…..


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