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August 17, 2009 by cosmoakacitizensmith

(This appeared in the Herald about my Edinburgh show. Wow! Those of you who know me know I usually put up the crap reviews so consider this a bit of balance…..)

Oi Mush! The Return of the Tooting Popular Front, Sweet at the Ark FOUR STARS

The natural link between Woody Guthrie and rapper Jay-Z, Cosmo is a folksinger of our times with a veritable hive of bees in his bonnet.

His central theme here is 1984 and how Orwell got so much right, although he often becomes sidetracked and is none the worse for it. Wilfully attacking his guitar, whose “Crime scene, do not cross” strap is just as pertinent as Guthrie’s “This machine kills fascists” message, he somehow condenses Gilbert & Sullivan, The Met, George Formby, sexual symbolism, the BNP and human beatboxes into a segment that you wouldn’t call slick – unless you wanted fearful retribution – but is admirably well worked just the same.

It’s invigorating stuff, with a title track whose – shall we say, very direct – chorus is a catchphrase waiting to happen.

Run ends August 18.


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