Edinburgh fringe and other assorted monsters…

August 11, 2009 by cosmoakacitizensmith

Edinburgh Fringe Festival. I’ve done two nights at the Ark on Waterloo place and it’s going well. Last night I was the youngest person in the room – maybe the folk/punk/bluegrass/hip-hop demographic is older than I thought! One American thanked me after the show and said:  “Just like the 60s, man!”

Country Joe can’t have his fish back.

There’s so much going on here, but two places stick in my mind. The Royal Oak is a box of a room where old folkies play and unamplified and the audience listens. It’s got the Declaration of Arbroath stuck to the wall (that’s the ancient legal document of Scottish independence, all you non-nationalists!!). So I couldn’t resist doing some old cockney music hall numbers…..they went down well, though! Great place, and lots of free stuff happening there.

The Big Red Door down Lady Lawson Street is a whole Aladdin’s Cave of nocturnal activities: an open mic, theatre, late night drinking den, and a place you can learn lots of sharp poker moves, amongst other things. Again, it’s free!

I played at the Camp for Climate Action Scotland near Lanark. The camp’s really well organised, and all the activists I met were a great laugh and well on the case. There are workshops in the day, and music and pub quizzes at night. Not to mention lots of direct action! This is organised through ongoing discussions with the local community, who are in the main strongly supportive and very much involved in what’s happening.

Final rant:

The Big Green Gathering in Somerset has been pigged and shut down. Not the first times hippies have been subjected to a trashing from the state but because it’s only hippies no one care about the wider implications:



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