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March 15, 2009 by cosmoakacitizensmith


From A History of the British Isles in the 21st Century by Zhang Xi Chun (Penguin, 2184 CE), translated by Paddy Chang:

The principal nations of the British Isles at the end of the Waking Dragon period were locked into a fool’s paradise.  Here was a region well aware of the long term social, political and environmental impacts of its lifestyle, and yet blissfully unconcerned about the  crises to come. One contemporary commentator put it thus: ” Trying to affect change at that time was a bit like attempting to stop a rock falling down from the top of a hill once it had been pushed.”

A study published in 2009 CE of Chinese who had gone to study in what was then known as the United Kingdom, (England, Wales, Scotland and the “post imperial” statelet Northern Ireland), is revealing. Many complained of the racism, drunkenness and impropriety of many inhabitants. Sexual congress, often between unmarried people carried out in a state of intoxication, was a common past time.

The Chinese interviewed admitted they had got their perception of so-called “British” people from their readings of Austen, Dickens and Conan Doyle. They were shocked to see the truth, and the tragic effects of widespread social delusion and denial. These writers mentioned had in fact been published at least a century previously. It is ironic that they could  be describing the situation in the region now, but at the end of the Waking Dragon period, these portrayals were considered to be  from a bygone age; vanished, never to return.

Easy credit and a booming economy had put a febrile and luxurious lifestyle within reach of most people, even the poor – provided, of course, that no-one looked at the credit card bills. National debt soared during the period up to 2009: in the “Republic of Ireland” it was %) billion Euros, in “Britain”, 150 trillion pounds.  However, appeals to people to forsake their decadent ways fell on deaf ears.  Trouble would surely follow.

Successive governments had been aware of this for a long time, and had been taking action in anticipation of grave difficulties in a piecemeal manner. Thus all but the most observant noticed. Rights and freedoms which had been won by the masses were gradually trampled on, dispensed with and forgotten without so much as a whisper. In the “UK” in 2009, for example, it became illegal to photograph a policeman.

Ironically , it was only certain sections of the Law Lords, judiciary and a raggle taggle band of ineffectual activists who attempted to stem the tide there. But governments and citizens had essentially realised what we nowadays take for granted: democracy, personal freedoms, trial by jury, human rights and suchlike were dangerous errors, symptoms of decadence and moral degeneracy and  a malign influence in an ordered society…….


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