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March 15, 2009 by cosmoakacitizensmith

Verily the Prophet Marx – Peace Be Upon Him –  foretold that capitalism will have to come to a crisis point when Judgement Day will be upon us,  and the Will Of God will be carried out by none  other than the Victorious Proletariat itself!!!


Karl: we’re f@cked!!!

Therefore all leftists and assorted likeminded itinerants must jump for joy at any impending crisis in capitalism, organise a riot that fails to inspire 99% of the population – and then shake ones head in disbelief why no-one gives a toss about our stupid politics enough to join in, or even listens with any seriousness to what we have to say!!!

For it is written that victory is ours…isn’t it?!!!

(And on no account present a coherent, understandable and workable idea of what you want to replace this system with, else you may be in danger of acquiring new recruits outside your ideological ghetto).

On the other hand:


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