Keep It Freeeeee!!!!!


February 3, 2009 by cosmoakacitizensmith


In the future, we’re told, people’s workplaces and living spaces may be one and the same.

Well for me, Tommy Tank and Jason Sicknote aka Johan Flapsandwich, the future is HERE!!

Tantrum Towers is a housing association flat which doubles up as a recording studio, remix lab, meeting place and dwelling for us three inhabitants.

Tantrum records bills itself as the “world’s first free underground record label.” It plays host to a number of local acts, and you can find its remix lab on here. It contains work from me, Tommy and Jase and a host of other South Wales-based artists.

It’s a good point to start in terms of how to live and work in the same space with like-minded people. Ideas for and about music, (including strategies for writing, producing, arranging, recording and getting the damn stuff out there), politics, life and art all cross-fertilise and produce new forms.

It’s creative, democratic and free – just like how it should be!!

The George Bush RIP track and the party that happened in its wake were all conceived here, and it appears to have worked its way over the globe…..!!!

One of the main discussions at the moment has been about to what extent music should be given away for free. This is a whole debate engulfing musicians and others. There are some really interesting points of view at the website New Music Strategies, which I can’t recommend enough.

So chuck your music about for nothing! Get it out there! Check out Tommy Tank’s mash up of Ghost Town and Funky Town, (if it aint an recession anthem I don’t know what is…), and drink (herbal tea) to the future!!

(And who’s fackin’ turn is it to do the WASHING UP???!!!!)



One thought on “Keep It Freeeeee!!!!!

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