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January 8, 2009 by cosmoakacitizensmith

Click HERE to download A Policeman’s Lot 2009!!
Up until recently, former Met boss Sir Ian Blair must have been the UK equivalent of the Teflon don.

He was head of the Metropolitan police when cops shot dead 27-year old Brazilian John Charles De Menezes at Stockwell tube station on July 22nd 2005, mistaking him for a suicide bomber.

But a recent enquiry exonerated Blair and the Met from blame.

A close (non-white) colleague accused him of racism. But then some serious shut up money came the close (non-white) colleague’s way and he dropped the charges.

Bizarrely, it was Boris Johnson, Lord Prick of London, who finally managed to knock Blair off his perch. He claimed he couldn’t work with the poor old plod, so off the old plod had to trot.

(Overseas readers must realise that this is Britain and there is no political interference in the police service).

Two old friends of mine, Sir W.S. Gilbert and Sir Arthur Sullivan, dropped by the other day. We got out of our heads on laudanum, as we used to in our heady days together at Cambridge University. They were very nice to me, and Gilbert even said they couldn’t understand why I wasn’t famous, as I had “a damned sight more talent than that jumped up little prick George Formby.”

(I think the long wait for his knighthood warped his sense of reality. Along with a lifetime of laudanum abuse).

Nevertheless, in our reveries, we bastardised one of their popular ditties, A Policeman’s Lot, and re-wrote the lyrics so that they were about some of dear old Sir Ian Blair’s career highlights.

It seems now we have to be afraid of being taken out by cops AND suicide bombers!!

You can download the collective efforts of me, Gilbert and Sullivan by clicking on the link above.

You can find out more about the campaign to bring the cops to task about Jean Charles De Menezes by clicking on the link below.


The cover of one of Gilbert and Sullivan’s CDs, recorded live at the local boozer. Probably.


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