Anti-fascism begins at home

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January 8, 2009 by cosmoakacitizensmith

This is ace music producer Glover, known to many as “King.” The techniques he uses to get the best out of his artists in the studio include brandishing a baseball bat at them.

This, together with the judicious use of vernacular Liverpudlian, induces terror in the beholder(s), and an instant desire to comply.

I’ve known him for many years, and had no idea he played guitar and sang. Yet here he is, serenading the good people of Shoreham in the Sovereign public house on New Year’s Day.

My favourite Glover story concerns a Chelsea skinhead band that turned up to record with him. As his grandfathers were both killed fighting Nazis, Glover didn’t take too kindly to their Nazi tattoos. He went and got the baseball bat, (a bit early in the proceedings, even for him).

“Right,” he said is his sardonic Scouse drawl, “I don’t wanna here the word ‘nigger.’ I don’t wanna hear the word ‘paki.’ I don’t wanna hear the word ‘yid….'” And so on. You get the idea.

Apparently it was the band’s cleanest recording to date. I imagine he had a word with whoever did the bookings, too.

A fab noo year to all readers!! I’ve enabled the comments of blog posts, so feel free to wade in and give me shit. If you don’t, I’ll turn them off!!


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