Larging It At The London Anarchist Bookfair

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October 20, 2008 by cosmoakacitizensmith

Legendary journo John Pilger and his infeasibly large intellect give it some large at the London Anarchist Bookfair, Saturday 18th October 2008.

Not so many meetings this time, more like catching up with old friends – ‘ello Stylesy, Johnny Fluffypunk, Amy, Polly and Hazel, (who wasn’t even born last time I saw her!).

I also managed to watch a fantastic film about Lucio Urtubia, a Spanish anarchist, forger, armed robber and bricklayer who managed to bring Citibank to their knees in the 1970s, and gave Franco a run for his money.

It’s a fantastic story, but I can’t find the film anywhere online. Watch it if you get the chance!!

I would say: “Where are you when we need you??” But old Lucio himself was about after the film to do a Q&A! And anyway, global capitalism is f*cking itself up so badly that I don’t think it needs our help right now…..

I know it’s all been a bit serious here recently. But with a German tour coming up, we’ll shortly be returning to sex, (given up for lent), drugs, (caffeine and guarana tablets all purchased) and rock and roll, (just bought George Formby’s greatest hits. Seriously!)


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