No Borders!!

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September 25, 2008 by cosmoakacitizensmith

Babi (Babakhan Badalov) was one of the gang.

He turned up to anarchist meetings. In Cardiff. On time. Without fail.

(Unlike some of the rest of us!)

He was always there, putting his anarchic spirit into things, like the cover designs he did for the Gagged newsletter.

He was an asylum seeker from Azerbaijan, where he faced a lot of bother due to being gay – not to mention the criticism he levelled at prominent members of the government there. When the Home Office refused his application, the natural thing to do was to set up a campaign to get him to stay.

Unfortunately, this proved to no avail. He was arrested last week, and deported this weekend just gone. Pester power ensured that the Azerbaijan Airlines, who were originally scheduled to take him, backed down at the last minute.

BMI, ironically run by one of the richest gay men in the UK, Sir Michael Bishop, stepped in and did the honours instead.

The fuckers.

I didn’t get to know Babi very well in Cardiff, but lots of the local anarchists did. And when push came to shove, they showed exactly how much they cared. All through the mental anguish he faced from his precarious existence, which produced some of his most harrowing artwork, they were there for him.

Proud of you all, I am.

You can follow what is happening on the campaign website.


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