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July 10, 2007 by cosmoakacitizensmith

The funniest bit was getting off site.

I left at about 8pm on the Sunday in the relentless cold, damp and occasional menacing outbursts of rain. I sludged through the mud, just managing to catch a glimpse of the Kaiser Chief’s set.

Oh wow, does it get any better?

On the Glastonbury festival website, the organisers promised they were going to finish off global warming by laying on lots of extra coaches and buses to get people home, and the train operators were in on the act as well.

Only problem was, arriving at the pick up point, I found here were lots of buses and lots of people wating to leave, but nothing was going on. Complete inertia. None of the right buses were there. No-one knew when they were coming.

And the trains from the nearest railway station were cancelled as there were hundreds of people waiting there too.

Oh, the logic defies me!

In addition, there were lots of twats in various different fluro jackets – the ultimate 21st century symbol of pseudo authority – without a clue what was happening.

One woman who had been waiting for an hour was so annoyed she kept moaning on and on and on – and while I could sympathise, it was just adding to the overall feeling of anger and frustration. Plus I couldn’t get back onto site. I was stuck.

Then the said lady told the fluro brigade where to go and went off to the drivers of the stationary buses.

“We’ve got at least 50 people here wanting to go to Bristol and there’s no bus. You’re hired!”

You could see the shifty looks on the drivers’ faces, typical of underpaid employees asked to think outside the box, (I should know, I’ve got my own version of this look). Prepare for delegation up the chain of command.

“You’re going to have to speak to the boss.”

Which the lady did, and the next boss, until finally one of the stationary buses was commandeered and filled.

And so I got to Bristol and on to Cardiff and back in time for work.

People power wins the day! Again!

Here, Felix demonstrates the ancient and forgotten medieval art of standing on one’s double bass, while Harri watches and learns, during a gig we all did at the Buddhafield cafe at Glastonbury.

Thanks to Felix, Harri, Mark Headspace and all the Groovy Movie Solar Powered cinema crew for everything. Till the next time!


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