Big Toe’s Leaving Party

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July 10, 2007 by cosmoakacitizensmith

This whole thing had a fearful symmetry about it.

Jason and the mighty Sicknote were the brains behind the idea to hire a boat, fill it full of people and do a gig in order to celebrate the final day in office of Anthony Charles Lynton Blair MP, aka Tony.

Top plan, kinda like the Sex Pistols and all that.

I played too, as did Tommy Tank and folk rebels Kilnaboy.

On the day Tony got elected back in 1997, Flannel, my previous band, set up and did a guerrilla gig in the gardens of Brighton Pavillion, just next to where the election count was happening.

Under a banner saying “Nothing has changed.”

And Big Toe was subject of the first entry in this blog. (You can find it for yourself if you’re that interested!).

Like I said, a fearful symmetry at the end of an error!

The result was a really enjoyable night, with some of the gang ending up in Downing Street and getting on the news as a result.

Well, has anything changed?

In some ways, yes, of course.

But I think the thing we need to do is get over the myth that Tony Blair was responsible for the country going to war in Iraq.

He wasn’t. We were.

Most of the 1-2 million people who marched against the war gave up resisting after that. But those people who went down to the military bases, in both the UK and Ireland, and blockaded them in order to stop the planes taking off, were bang on.

If 2 million people had done that, we wouldn’t have had a war.

I can’t point fingers, though. I marched, but like a lot of others, I didn’t follow through.

Nevertheless, as we continue to deal with the problems that arise from being governed, particulary problems associated with climate change, it is important we don’t blame the government.

We’d do better to look to ourselves.

OK, rant over. Soapbox down!

Sicknote give it some at the gig. Al (in the teeshirt!) is god!!!

Watch the video here!!


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