Hay Festival

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June 4, 2007 by cosmoakacitizensmith

Just got back from the Hay festival and I am now the proud owner of the Golden Hairbrush award!!

The G8 are meeting in Germany and there is a link to a live news ticker – (don’t read the mainstream bullshit yawn-o-mania) – here. Big up to all those out there.

This is my mate Becky. She let me stay with her during the Hay festival despite my outbreak of flatulence one night when I was asleep on her floor.

She’s a photographer, amongst other things. Her work looks at industrialisation and how it effects the environment, both the positive and negative aspects. The pipeline tearing its way through Wales at the moment runs right near where she lives in Hay.

So she decided to take some photos of it for her portfolio. So far, so normal.

Only problem was, the site security there didn’t like it. One day while she was out photographing, a van drew up and a woman who worked for the security got out. She said she was a dog handler and in her van were a load of pissed off dogs. She said she would set them on Bex if she didn’t stop taking photos.

Bex stood her ground and said she was doing nothing wrong. But the security woman persisted with her threats.

So Bex asked if there was any way she could take photos, maybe speak to the site manager or something. The woman then explained that she was a lesbian and her fellow workers give her loads of shit. She spent ages slagging them off. But she said that if Bex was to meet her at midnight on a specified day, she would show her around.

Curiouser and curioser….

Bex refused. But that hasn’t stopped her having her car photographed on the way to work, (she teaches art to kids), by members of the site security.

What the HELL is going on??? Corporate policing or what?

The pipe employs locals, paying them up to £600 a week. But just remember kids. NO PHOTOS!!!!!

You can see more of Bex’s work here.


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