Life is not a festival 5

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May 31, 2007 by cosmoakacitizensmith

This is the nerve centre of the Welsh operation in Small World. The Triban tent!!

Triban is a solar powered music venue in a Morrocan tent. It’s run by a group of folk from Cardiff. Rowan is compering and helping out on the PA.

Triban are a bunch of mates who’ve been involved in music and activism for a while and this is their latest incarnation. They put on music pretty much 24/7 and sell teas and vegan snacks. They have a van, a hugh Marquee and a PA and lots of solar panels. They travel around to lots of different festies like this all summer. One or two are off to Germany for protests against the G8 next week.

I’ve been in one of their planning meetings. They’re on the case.

And they have some of the most rocking nights of the festie!! Get in the tent!!!!


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