Life is not a festival 4

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May 31, 2007 by cosmoakacitizensmith

As soon as we arrive I get spirited off by my mate Angharad to see Martha Tilston. Except it isn’t Martha Tilston, and I don’t realise until after a few songs.

This, however, is a picture of Martha Tilston. I bought her album the other week and it’s very enjoyable.

The urge to pick up an AK47 and eliminate twee hippies doesn’t leave me for at least 12 hours. This is unusual for me, and I put it down to lots of stress before I left.

Once it goes, I relax and really get into the swing of things.

It’s really good here. People let go of all the bullshit and become kind and open-minded. Everyone helps each other out.

Small World festval is tiny, probably only a couple of thousand people. There is a quite eclectic mix of festie heads here, mostly from London and the South, Wales and a few other places. White, black and various shades in between.

Outside the gates, straight Middle England society looks on and frowns. Some people went into a neighbouring field last night that isn’t part of the festival and answered the call of nature. This didn’t go down too well and it now seems that there is only to be acoustic music for the first night I arrive.

But people rise to the occasion. There is even a 2 minute “silent dance” in one of the tents as a result of the ban.


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