Life is not a festival 13: how to dismantle a yurt!

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May 31, 2007 by cosmoakacitizensmith

Thanks to Triban for a very life-affirming weekend, (and especially Net on the left here who gave me a lift back to Cardiff).

Over to George Mackay (see

The idea of the culture of resistance forming itself in part around the construction of a zone or space is one I develop from texts such as Hakim Bey’s The Temporary Autonomous Zone, or T.A.Z., which uses the term in the widest possible sense.

The sixties-style ‘tribal gathering’, the forest conclave of eco-saboteurs, the idyllic Beltane of the neo-pagans, anarchist conferences, gay faery circles . . . Harlem rent parties of the twenties, nightclubs, banquets, old-time libertarian picnics–we should realize that these all are already ‘liberated zones’ of a sort, or at least potential TAZs.

Bey lists some of the characteristics of the TAZ:

‘Pirate economics’, living high off the surplus of social overproduction–even the popularity of colourful military uniforms–and the concept of music as revolutionary social change–and finally their shared air of impermanence, of being ready to move on, shape-shift, re-locate to other universities, mountaintops, ghettos, factories, safe houses, abandoned farms–or even other planes of reality.


Back in Cardiff. There are cops outside the door of my house, rounding on some drunks who are hassling people in the local shop. One of them has blood in is mouth. Suddenly the whole urban edginess of Cardiff hits me in the face.

Life is not a festival.

But what if…..?


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