Life is not a festival 12

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May 31, 2007 by cosmoakacitizensmith

Rowan and Rich from Triban tell me that they’ve had some bands pull out and ask me if I wouldn’t mind doing a set at about 8pm on Sunday. I say no worries and wonder off mumbling something about finding other musicians.

The previous evening I was jamming by a camp fire with my busking amp and some other musicians rocked up and joined in. There were two percussionists from Kent and Felix the double bassist from Checken Shed Zeppelin.

We wondered off into the night jamming with whoever we could find. We found a sax player who wouldn’t shut up but was nevertheless excellent, an accordian player who played bizarre Middle Eastern/klezmer style music, a soul deva and all sorts of others.

It had been the first time I had done an all nighter for ages and what a buzz!

Anyhow, I round up a few of the faces from the night before for the Triban gig and before I know it I am joined by a few others: hippy Joe who plays bluegrass electric mandolin, Felix the double bass player, the unshutupable sax player, a trumpet player, a drummer from the previous band and Angharad gets off stall duties and picks up her clarinet.

We get onstage at Trban and jam. It gets skanky, bluesgrassy, and funky all at the same time. The trumpet and sax player are pure showmen. They vibe up the crowd no end as we riff away with MCing and strumming acoustic guitar.

Sax and trumpet man haven’t stopped playing since I met them yesterday, jamming with everyone they meet. Even in the breaks between bands. They are music machines.

Before we know it the place is going off and it’s rocking. I notice Kevin the poet who we picked up in Bristol. I realise that I haven’t heard him do his stuff yet, so I gesture tto him to take the mic, which he does.

He starts rapping and before you know it, we have a big, wondrous, spontaneous festie moment on our hands.

They we go to the Irie Stylee tent the next day and do it all again unamplified, with some added 20s swing for good measure.



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