Stu Jarvis

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April 1, 2007 by cosmoakacitizensmith

My mate Stu Jarvis died a few weeks ago. Hit and run. He was in his early 30s. I wasn’t able to make the funeral but wrote this in a letter.

Stu was a larger than life geezer in a larger than life band, Muwump Jizzom. And it was him, Al and the boys that I first met when they, along with my old band Flannel, were rocking the likes of the Red Lion in Talsarn and other salubrious venues. Unforgettable times!

In the years to follow we’d bump into Stu and the Muwump crew at festivals, parties and various places in various states of consciousness. There was always fun to be had, music to be played and crowds to annoy.

When I moved into Pearl Street in Splott, Stu always used to pop round on his missions to and from Bristol. Jim had bought a smart motor and had run it into the ground. No surprise there, but Stu kindly took it upon himself to tinker with it every time he dropped by, trying vainly to sort it out. I always remember the poor car in various states of disrepair outside our house. Later I heard the engine blew up. Stu was a mean mechanic, but he not even he could fix damage caused by the hand of Jim.

The last time I met Stu was in a pub in Bristol. He had arranged a gig for me and Rob and the rest of us in Pondlife MCs. The pub was wild and crazy. The barmaid offered us the strangest rider ever – I say no more! It went on from there, and was without doubt one of the most mental crowds we ever played for. Another great time notched up. Stu sadly couldn’t make the show as he was well and truly knackered. I don’t know if we thanked him for organising it, but I know it was an experience none of us would forget.

Which kind of says it all. I’m sorry I can’t be there in person to say it but what larks, mate, thanks. I will never forget them or you. Here’s to ya.



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