Pipeline Protest 7

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April 1, 2007 by cosmoakacitizensmith

The odd thing about the carnival was…..well, where d’ya start!??

Lots of anarchos, lots of hippies and not very many local people. Those that were local and turned up were dressed up in traditional Welsh costumes and rugby tops!

The day had been billed for those of us from Cardiff and elsewhere as a Carnival Against the Pipe. Whereas in Trebannws, the village affected by the pipe, it was billed as a Spring Carnival for Wales.

Hmmm…Lots of conflicting agendas, methinks.

But the shame is that with no visible local support, any kind of direct action by outsiders is going to be seen as an outsider agenda. Without spending the time talking to people directly affected, a big chance will be lost.

This pipeline threatens to bulldoze its way through national parks and rip up planning guidlines and local democracy as it goes. It is an opportunity to spark up a debate about the wider issues of how our consumer lifestyle funded by the exploitation of the natural AND human world, (yes we know, blah, blah, blah, can you talk about sex, drugs and rock n roll again, please…?!!), is gonna cost us dearly.

Anyway, got really mashed afterwards, did a gig in a pub garden with my busking amp, sniffed an entire mountain of Splott Cocaine and shagged several sheep with peculiar STDs….only forgot to take photos!!!! Doh!!!


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