Stupid Things I’ve been Doing Lately

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February 22, 2007 by cosmoakacitizensmith

Photo by Adrian Johns

When Jason was sputting together the Get Well Soon Party, he asked me if I wouldn’t mind doing some press to promote it with Fred Snow. I said no worries, so I hooked up with Fred on the annoited day and off we went to Bannatyne’s gym, one of the sponsors of the gig, in darkest Llanishen.

Fred is so mental that I had to play the straight guy to his funny guy. We got there and within minutes he was ordering drinks from the bar dolled up in his 30s swing vibe clothes. He then whipped his guitar out and started singing all the old faves – Aint she Sweet?, King of the Swingers etc – in the reception area.

Eventually the photographer arrived and we went up stairs to the erm….gym and got surrounded by some of the people working there carrying erm….. plastic bottles of water!!???

Not what I expected. I thought we were supposed to be chatting to the Observer about the evils of wage exploitation and bread and circuses and stuff. But my embarrassment got the better of my convictions and you can see the resulting photo here.

Imagine my surprise and delight when I found out that the gym owner, Duncan Bannatyne, is one of the main men on the hideous-looking Dragon’s Den, a reality TV programme that extolls the delight of entrepreneurial capitalism.

And the said photo was going out on a Bannatyne’s press release all over the country….

Well, that raised a few eyebrows, I can tell you.

I’ve also recorded a session for this lot. Don’t ask. They haven’t put it up yet, unsurprisingly. And there I was hoping to be on the same website as Ant and Dec and Charlotte Church!

On a much more serious note, I was interviewed by Paul H on, he also reviewed Home Thoughts From Abroad.

There, that’s better! Credibility restored!


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