Burn the f*cking flags

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January 17, 2007 by cosmoakacitizensmith

Scots-Hungarian by descent, London English by accent and Welsh by the grace of God.

But I’m British. It’s a fact. It’s on my passport. I’m no more inclined to jump for joy about it than I am to slag it into the ground. Interesting to have a mad mix for a heritage, but like I say, these are facts, no more no less.

True, the fact of being Britsh allows you to have a freedom and an economic abundance that the vast majority in the world do not have. But the economic abundance, particularly, comes at too heavy a price – environmentally and socially – for a lot of the world.

Yesterday was the 300th anniversary of the Act of Union between England and Scotland, effectively creating, along with Wales and Ireland, the United Kingdom. Britain.

No-one was really shouting about this anniversary. In fact, if the Scottish Nationalists continue the way they’re going in the opinion polls right now, we’ll have consitutional mayhem this year and full Scottish independence by 2011.

When I check websites like this, I can’t help feeling a tinge of excitement. An independent Scotland has the potential to be a progressive, left of centre society with a refreshing lack of middle England bullshit. And something for the likes of even me! Check this from ex-Creatio supremo Alan McGee

Scotland should have more powers. It should be much more like Ireland and a Celtic haven for artists. We should be making it easier for people to exist, with tax breaks not just for musicians to live in their home country but artists like Jim Lambie who shouldn’t have to live in New York.

– Alan McGee

Bloody marvellous!

But if it is to subsidised by the appropriation of North Sea oil reserves out of the UK pocket and into the Scottish pocket??? I hope if that happens, history would look back on it as we look back now on the Confederate States of America trying to create an economy based on slavery.

To me, the idea is equally f*cked up. Almost as f*cked up as an illegal war over oil reserves.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for a bit of appreciation of my cultural heritage. But when people come with their flags and/or their holy books, I get a bit nervous. Are you one of us? Which side are you on?

Raise up the flag, place a hand on the Bible/Koran etc, and we stop seeing a person. We see a Somali Muslim. Or an Irishman. Or an Englishman. If that person happens to be a refugee, a grafter, a freeloader or a terrorist for that matter, their humanity – warts n all – is not what we see.

Are you one of us? Which side are you on?

We don’t question our economic abundance is being brought to us by the force of arms, as in Iraq, or through our government’s sickening manipulation of global trade and it’s terrible human cost. But if someone who is not British comes here and wants to settle for whatever reason, we firstly see someone who is not one of us.

However tempting the politics of this new nationalism in the UK may be, I don’t think it’s the answer. It’s tempting because it’s easy. It’s easier than taking a global perspective, thinking about global justice and thinking about human beings rather than nationalities or religions.

This English nationalist website is a interesting and I read it a lot. Not saying I agree with it, it’s a mixture of noble causes interspersed with casual racism. But it’s a good example of what I am talking about.

Aparently, there are plans afoot to make burning the flag illegal in the UK.

I hope you will all join me in putting every single home nation flag in a pile with the Union Jack at the bottom and burning the blinking lot. Then we can start on the flags of the rest of the world. Or we can do them all at the same time. That’s the joys of democracy, huh?!

Once we’ve finished, we can then start to tear down the prison bars put in place by our respective cultures, languages and religions. These, after all, are merely diseases we inherit from our parents.

No borders!


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