Joining the dots in 2007: What is the f*cking point???

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January 10, 2007 by cosmoakacitizensmith

Should I go to work or join the general skive and stay in bed? Stand up for righteousness and justice wherever I find it lacking or get wrecked up with a gorgeous bird, talk shite all night and end up chundering in an alley???!!!

Oh, the choices that life sends your way!

A lot of close friends are leaving the country, getting married and/or having sprogs. I seem to be the only one ploughing this sorry furrow of musical mayhem and being a pseudo-political gobshite. I feel like that guy in the song by Cake about Going the Distance….

As they speed thru the finish the flags go down.
The fans get up, and get out of town.
The arena is empty except for one man,
Still driving and striving as fast as he can

What is the f*cking point? Does Bob Geldof ever have days like these? Are my songs as bad as his???!!!!

The Christmas reading list was a weighty-tombed affair. Can English nationalism ever be anything more than a reactionary, racist belch? Billy Bragg seems to think so in his book The Progressive Patriot. And a well-needed, insightful and intelligent work it is, almost balancing out the scales single-handedly.

But with the BNP and the English Democrats the only parties to make political capital out of the current mood of Englishness on the other side of Offa’s Dyke, I reckon he may have a way to go before his ideas catch on.

Rovin’ Robert Fisk, the Independent‘s main man in the Middle East weighs in with his absolutely MASSIVE The Great War For Civilisation: The Conquest of the Middle East.

Running at over 1000 pages, it’s quite a read but if you want to know about the region’s bloody politics, it’s the one. He made me re-think a lot of the stuff I wrote about Holocaust Memorial Day earlier in this blog. I don’t know how he manages to keep sane with all that stuff he writes about in his head – he draws on over 30 years experience of the place.

Oh, and yes, the West have a lot to answer for. You can check him out giving it what for at a lecture in Canada here.

A massive natural gas pipeline is threatening to wreak havoc across Wales and activists have just started to re-occupy the proposed pipeline route. I’ll be up there myself fairly soon. You can read the gory details in the South Wales anarchist newsletter Gagged here.

The BNP are active in various parts of the South Wales valleys and I understand they are going to stand in the local elections in Bridgend. More news on this as I get it.

And I’m singin’ a few poxy songs in Cardiff on Friday. The dark forces of the world shake in their shoes……


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