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November 3, 2006 by cosmoakacitizensmith

I’ve had another absence. A really bad one…..I’m still not sure of the dynamics of my illness.

It happened during a ceremony performed by one of the High Initiates of your society. I believe his name is Sir Nicholas Stern. His field of prophecy is in the realm of what you call Economics. He has been looking at the work of other High Initiates, who have in turn been examining signs in nature that indicate the demise of your entire social system and much of the world around you.

He was chosen to perform the ceremony because your society is sick and limited in its vision. His line of prophecey is only within one field, that of Economics, as I said. But you as a society do not yet understand that the environmental impact on areas outside this field is far more important. You also cannot yet look at things holistically. Nevertheless, this was at least an attempt to find unity and solutions for common difficulties.

Actually, I am optimistic, despite the fact we have heard the same refrain many times in our history. That is why our legends are full of prophecies about times such as these. But many are misinterpreted due to certain religious world views.

What happens next?

It is difficult to explain. But truth lies in the strangest of places.

….still I know that in the greatest ocean beyond the sunset, the land shakes, and islands rise and disappear even where the folk know nothing of sin or evil, but live as the innocent ones before the God gave us knowledge to chose good or ill. But if the earth Gods wreck revenge on the sinful and sinless alike, then this further destruction cannot be punishment for sins, but the way of all nature. I do not know if there is purpose in this destruction, or whether the land is not yet settled into its final form, even as we men and women are not yet perfected. Perhaps the land too struggles to evolve and perfect itself. I do not know….These things are matters for the highest Initiates. I only know that we have brought away the secrets of the temples, which we were pledged never to do, and thus we are forsworn.

Marion Zimmer Bradley


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