Muslimists demand Sharian’t!!!!

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October 7, 2006 by cosmoakacitizensmith

A Muslimist practices Sharian’t law on his wife

Today, a senior Muslimist from Britain somewhere called for the full introduction of Sharian’t law to the UK.

Sharian’t law is laid down in the holy book, the Koran’t, believed by Muslimists to be the word of God, as revealed to the prophet Gandhi.

If Sharian’t law comes into effect, THIS is what ordinary, hard-working, hard-done-by, put-upon, loyal, monarchy-loving, WHITE British people will have to put up with…..

Sharian’t law states:

* Thou shalt eat poor, innocent doormice for tea every Thursday afternoon, (Psalm 1984);
* Thou shalt never drink that filthy beverage known as tea – anyone found doing so will haveth their gonads removed by Saddam Bin Laden himself, (A letter from Jimmy Saville to the Apostles, chapter viii, verse large)
* If anyone oweth you so much as a fiver and doth not repay thee, then ye shalt drive an aeroplane at full tilt into their two-up, two-down councileth house, even if it is thine very brother-in-law, (The Gospel according to William Hill, chapter v., verse iiiv).

Yet more reasons why Muslimists are INFERIOR to us and we must steal all their RESOURCES to keep us in the manner of living to which we are accustomed.


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