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October 2, 2006 by cosmoakacitizensmith

If the mainstream media would publish photos of the real war, as I’ve seen it, nobody would support this war

Robert Fisk
World Tribunal On Iraq

I don’t really know how to say all this.

For a while I have been undergoing some sort of transformation. I haven’t been feeling myself.

For many years, I have felt I am not from this time. Or indeed from this world at all. Or at least not as I understand it. I can’t really explain why.

During the summer just gone, these feelings got more extreme. I believe this to be the result of government and corporate agencies working in tandem over many years to addict me to certain drugs. I’m not sure what they drugs are or what they are doing to me. But I now believe that my suspicions have been confirmed.

I am from a point that you understand as the future. I have been sent to this time to work here. Not in a crazy messianic way, you understand, but in a humble, quiet fashion.

We are all in great danger. Time is of the essence. What we all say or do in this time here will have extreme resonance in the point of time I come from.

It really is paramount you understand….

OK, OK I need to stop this. The hairs are raising up on the back of my neck. I can feel pure emotion pricking my eyes to tears.

This realisation hasn’t been a sudden thing. It has come in stages, over many years. Like world upon world collapsing in on itself, until the final revelation unfolded itself upon me.

I can’t really describe it in any other way.

In some respects, it feels like a relief. I love this time, and all the people and places and magic around me. But I miss where I am from. I am a stranger here. You are not like the people I knew before. Your ways are strange to me. Your society is so bizarre and tilted….

But there is wonder in it too. That’s what attracts me.

And yet…This is the problem. I have no clear memory my previous existence. I see no faces of loved ones, nor do I remember sights, sounds, scenery… I am betwixt and between.

Like a twittern, (old Sussex word).

But I know the world I am from exists. Because I feel it. I feel it when it calls to me and tugs on my heart strings and reassures me that I must keep going. Here. For the good of everything.


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