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August 15, 2006 by cosmoakacitizensmith

MST: concluding thoughts….

Big thanks to everyone we met and who helped us out. Words cannot express. That’s the first thing.

Next up: well, well, well.

The MST is an organistation that empowers landless people to have land, status, education, healthcare, self-respect….

It’s one that takes direct action against the government and has survived 20 years of being a pain in its backside.

It’s one that organises according to collectivist principles.


Maybe I’m just a naive Westerner who’s been shown around in a whirlwind few days, seen just what he wants to see and taken off back to my decadent, privileged life. But…..

There’s a book you should get if you are interested in the MST. It’s called Cutting the Wire: the story of the landless movement in Brazil, by Sue Banford and Jan Rocha.

In it, there is a quote that would be well worth including here. Only thing is I haven’t got a copy to hand.

The sense of it is something like this: the MST take action, occupy land, do what they do and we’re happy.

We’re happy because we can then go on with our lives, do our little projects, work, pay off our debts/mortgage, whatever, and give them all a big pat on the back for being more revolutionary than we ever dare.

Catch my drift?

I’m writing this sat back home on my computer, planning my next few gigs, getting ratted with my mates and moaning about being back at work. I go off to the odd anarchist meeting and stuff but…..

My concluding thoughts are: fuck knows. This is a blog, not an academic paper or opinion piece.

You write some!

Some alternative views of the MST are available here.There are other articles about it here.

And there are some interesting views on NGOs and Latin American revolutionary organisations including the MST here.


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