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August 9, 2006 by cosmoakacitizensmith

Everywhere we went on the settlement, people offered us food, drink and friendship.

We didn’t have to dip in our pockets once.

Families cooked up meals when we came by. Some of them killed a pig or chicken specially.

Sorry, vegan posse….

People’s humour really reminded me of being back in South Wales. Everyone rips it out of everyone and everything, and nothing is sacred. The guy with the hat on in this picture kept calling me “Toucan” cos of my hooked nose.

He kept saying to Gibby: “Tell Toucan to play some Pink Floyd/Dire Straits!!” or whatever, (he actually gave me my his hat in the end!).

I laughed at them all cos I said I’ve come here to play them my revolutionary music and all they want is Pink Floyd and Dire Straits!

We all agreed it was crap, but we also reckoned it was funny how stuff like that was a common link between us, despite it being shyte. I played World Turned Upside Down by Leon Rossleson, explained what it was about and we all felt better.

More importantly as far as I was concerned, we sung some MST songs together, including a number in Portuguese called Não Chores Mais, which is to the tune of No Woman, No Cry.

Culture is really important here. They gave me a song book produced by the MST which has hundreds of political songs in. I’m hoping to learn some before I come back….

There is also the tradition of spontaneous street theatre or mística which occured during the MST march on Brasília. You can read more about mística here. Gibby’s making a film about the march and he showed a trailer for it in the evening.

The MST march on Brasília also got reported in SchNews here.


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